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New Product: 21 oz Latte Canisters

New Product: 21 oz Latte Canisters
Ordering coffee from a coffee shop can quickly become expensive, especially when you realize that the average American coffee drinker consumes 3 cups of coffee every day. At popular coffee shops the typical price of coffee ranges from $3 to $5. That means coffee consumers spend up to $15 per day at coffee shops. While most coffee shop alternatives can save you money, the quality is also greatly reduced; and after all, nobody wants to drink bad coffee. Daily coffee consumers need an efficient in home coffee experience that reduces costs while maintaining quality. That's where Frozen Bean products come in. Our products are the same exact products used in coffee houses, but instead they are sold in retail stores for a fraction of the price. Throughout the month of April, The Frozen Bean will be announcing brand new products and flavors that will be launched into Walmart stores in May of 2017. At The Frozen Bean, we believe nobody should have to settle for mediocre coffee. Keep an eye out for additional new releases this month. First we are releasing a total of 4 new flavors including Chocolate Hazelnut Latte, Vanilla Bean Latte, Caramel Macchiato, and Spiced Mocha. Different from our single serves, these flavors will be available in 21 oz cans that each make 20 servings. This not only gives you options when it comes to taste, but you also have the choice to make it hot or cold. Best of all, these drinks can be made in 3 easy steps. Simply add 3 tbsp of Frozen Bean mix into a mug, 6 fl oz of hot water, and stir until dissolved. The 21 oz Frozen Bean canisters will be available in May at Walmart stores for $4.98. Follow us on social media for daily updates. The Frozen Bean Team